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project[英 [ˈprɒdʒekt] 美 [ˈprɑ:dʒekt] ]


过去式:projected;   过去分词:projected;   现在分词:projecting;   复数形式:projects;

project 基本解释

及物动词计划; 放映; 发射; 展现,使突出


名词项目,工程; 计划,规划; (学生的)课题

project 相关词组


1. project oneself : 突出自己;

2. advanced project : 先进(研究)计划, 尖端(研究)计划, 高级计划, 已经提出的计划, 远景计划;

project 相关例句


1. project的意思

1. They were delighted to see their holiday slides projected on a screen.


2. He had projected himself as a reformer in the presidential cpaign.


3. A politician must project himself if he wants to win an election.



1. Nails that project from the wall y tear your clothes.



1. She lives in the se project, one flight up.


project 情景对话



A:The project was so (difficult/ time-consuming/ tedious).


B:You shouldn’t work so hard.




B:Can you sell yourself in two minutes? Go for it.


A:With my qualifications and eerience, I feel I hardworking, responsible and diligent in any project I undertake. Your organization could benefit from my ytical and interpersonal skills.

依我的资格和经验,我觉 得我对所从事的每一个项目都很努力、负责、勤勉。我的分析能力和与人相处的技巧,对贵单位必有价值。

project 网络解释

1. 项目实践:|敬请核实|企业网络高级技术(ATEN) Windows网络服务(WNS) Linux网络服务(LNS) 组建与维护企业邮件系统(EMSBM) 数据库管理(SSA) 网络安全解决方案(NSS) 网络管理(NM) 职业导向训练(COT) 项目实践(Project)|敬请核实|企业网络高


2. project:projectid; 项目,与

project 双语例句

1. With students king their learning schedule and designing lessons and terials and presenting in the class, the project encouraged students to take responsible for their own learning.


2. Zhang Ge, is determined by the state of the art of the project Fengning successors.


3. project的翻译

3. I don't want to hear about this project in dribs and drabs.


4. With the help of this international communication project.


5. For instance, the CDM project which we launched with full devotion, China didn't even have any organization ranking ong the 12 DOE recognized by UN. The volume of emission reduction isn't what we are capable or qualified to achieve.


6. This project aims to discover officially the cause of Minata disease through theatre work.


7. Being the in channel of XAC`S foreign economic and trade cooperation, the company is inly engaged in the import and eort business of aircraft avionics and equipment, mechanical equipment, architectural terial, light and chemical industrial product, apparatus and instrument, plywood, textile, antenna etc., undertakes the science and technology advisory, k*-how transfer, project contracting, labor cooperation, investment and development, cooperative production., joint production business, and trade in China etc.


8. The Invitation for Bid for Fujian Ningde Nuclear Power Project Phase I and Guangdong Yangjiang Nuclear Power Project Phase I equipments (KKK, KSU, DSI Security facilities) is scheduled to commence; please pay attention to the infortion released on the website in the following weeks.


9. So, a totally different numerical control system and driving progrme is designed on the basis of laboratary project.


10. Smith Frank Mascia Project Director: Beth Radovanovich Design Lead: Carl Hpson Project Manager: Jes Pricco Lead Medical Planner: Jill Bergn Senior Project Architect: JT Tsu Technical Coordinator: Phil Griffen Project Architect Thai Ta Project Architect: Dean Takasato Project Architect: Anselmo Alleva Interior Designer: Jack Poulin Mental Health Eert Adviser: Tim Rommel Project Design Te: Alex Victa, Eunike, Angena Chang, Jenna Wittenberg, Norena Florendo, Arlene Sanchez, Aileen Du, Joe Lafo, Dimitri Contoyannis, , Shannon Bartch, Jhiah Chang, Grant Getz, Glenn Jonas, John Waller, Ryan Repucci, Jean Luc Cuisinier 版权:翻译 www.

Smith Frank Mascia 项目总监:Beth Radovanovich 主设计人:Carl Hpson 项目经理:Jes Pricco 医疗主策划人:Jill Bergn 高级项目建筑师:JT Tsu 技术顾问:Phil Griffen 项目建筑师:Thai Ta 项目建筑师:Dean Takasato 项目建筑师:Anselmo Alleva 室内设计师:ack Poulin 项目设计组:Alex Victa,Eunike,Angena Chang,Jenna Wittenberg,Norena Florendo,Arlene Sanchez,Aileen Du,Joe Lafo,Dimitri Contoyannis,,Shannon Bartch,Jhiah Chang,Grant Getz,Glenn Jonas,John Waller,Ryan Repucci,Jean Luc Cuisinier


11. Assist Project Coordinator to ke the best use of his/her time by dealing with secretarial and administrative tasks.


12. The Project Coordinator Assistant is responsible to provide administrative support, on a one-to-one basis. Assist Project Coordinator to ke the best use of his/her time by dealing with secretarial and administrative tasks.


13. project的反义词

13. Aimed at PPP projects` risk distribution problem, cooperative ge theory is introduced. Some of the PPP project risks can be taken alone, the others need two or more partners` cooperative effort. For the latter, shapley value method is used to determine the income of interested parties from shared risk. The income is norlized to obtain weights of interested parties. Then the risk value which each partner should undertake is determined. And an exple is given to illustrate this method.


14. project是什么意思

14. And he emphasize project nagement is not done once for all, but alse needs contionous improvement and promotion. The help of the colleagues from departments of our company contributes to the succes of project. The result with their help can be put into effect, rather than superficia success.


15. With the trend in the combination of ecological leisure tour and ecological leisure agricuiture, the project acquires 600-700 mu land in Henggou Village, Xuexiacun Township, Wubu County.

顺应生态休闲旅游和生态休闲农业相结合的旅游发展趋势,在吴堡县薛下村乡横沟村征用土地600—700 亩。

16. The mechanism partakes as a result of the risk in BOT in the meantime, so this risk is on guard systetic compose is built involve each project participator, the angle that is not one party of mere Cong Mou sets out.


17. The local government has also approved a Da Ai housing project, which will provide cyclone survivors with sturdy homes.


18. Because virtual organization is usually based on projects, we can elore this problem from the perspective of project governance.


19. This project aimed to design the setup menus of C2 Microsystems's Network Media Player, TV menu. The TV setup includ the language setting, time setting, video setting adn the audio setting.


20. project在线翻译

20. For the proposed project wire drawing process will be performed in an emulsion-rich condition and wire-drawing dust produced in the process is wrapped by emulsion.


project 词典解释The noun is pronounced /'prɒdʒekt/. The verb is pronounced /prə'dʒekt/ and is hyphenated pro|ject. 名词读作 /'prɒdʒekt/。动词读作 /prə'dʒekt/,分音节形式为pro|ject。

1. 项目;工程;计划;规划

A project is a task that requires a lot of time and effort.


e.g. Money will also go into local development projects in Vietn...


e.g. ...an international science project...


2. (学生的)课题,研究项目

A project is a detailed study of a subject by a pupil or student.

e.g. Students complete projects for a personal tutor, working at home at their own pace.


3. 规划;计划;预计

If something is projected, it is planned or eected.

e.g. Africa's mid-1993 population is projected to more than double by 2025...


e.g. The government had been projecting a 5% consumer price increase for the entire year.


4. (使)呈现;(使)表现;(使)展现

If you project someone or something in a particular way, you try to ke people see them in that way. If you project a particular feeling or quality, you show it in your behaviour.


e.g. Bradley projects a natural warmth and sincerity...


e.g. He just hasn't been able to project himself as the strong leader...


5. 把(情感、想法)投射转移(到他人身上)

If you project feelings or ideas on to other people, you igine that they have the se ideas or feelings as you.

e.g. He projects his own thoughts and ideas onto her.


6. 投射;放映

If you project a film or picture onto a screen or wall, you ke it appear there.

e.g. The te tried projecting the ps with two different projectors onto the se screen.


7. 伸出;凸出

If something projects, it sticks out above or beyond a su*ce or edge.

e.g. ...the reins of a war-time defence which projected out from the shore.


e.g. ...a piece of projecting metal.


8. see also: housing project

project 单语例句project

1. The firm also said it eects its product divisions to developed at least one new sustainable and profitable business project by year's end.

2. But somehow, work on the project hasn't started till *.

3. But CNSA declined to confirm or reveal the project's progress yesterday.

4. The survey's findings buttress concerns eressed by numerous scholars ong them Barbara Dafoe Whitehead of Rutgers University's National Marriage Project.

5. It would be wrong to believe that people behind the project could be ignorant enough to have come up with the title by accident.

6. The project started its development by the Sukhoi design bureau since it won the tender in April 2002.

7. Tianjin Culture Center is by far the largest public cultural venue project in Tianjin.

8. Gerny is by far the biggest contributor to the project, financing 41 percent of the total cost.

9. But sometimes the views of the jority can be shaped by such fears and they can then mistake a good project for a bad one.

10. By last night, more than 500 protested against the project on a Chengdu forum.

project的近义词project 英英释义



1. any piece of work that is undertaken or attempted

e.g. he prepared for great undertakings

Synonym: undertakingtasklabor

2. a planned undertaking

Synonym: projection



1. present for consideration, exination, criticism, etc.

e.g. He proposed a new plan for dealing with terrorism

She proposed a new theory of relativity

Synonym: propose

2. regard as objective

Synonym: externalizeexternalise

3. communicate vividly

e.g. He projected his feelings

4. transfer (ideas or principles) from one doin into another

5. throw, send, or cast forward

e.g. project a missile

Synonym: send off

6. put or send forth

e.g. She threw the flashlight be into the corner

The setting sun threw long shadows

cast a spell

cast a warm light

Synonym: castcontrivethrow

7. igine

conceive of

see in one's mind

e.g. I can't see him on horseback!

I can see what will happen

I can see a risk in this strategy

Synonym: visualizevisualiseenvisionfancyseefigurepictureige

8. ke or work out a plan for


e.g. They contrived to murder their boss

design a new sales strategy

plan an attack

Synonym: plancontrivedesign

9. draw a projection of

10. project on a screen

e.g. The iges are projected onto the screen

11. cause to be heard

e.g. His voice projects well

12. extend out or project in space

e.g. His sharp nose jutted out

A single rock sticks out from the cliff

Synonym: stick outprotrudejut outjut




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