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certain[英 [ˈsɜ:tn] 美 [ˈsɜ:rtn] ]


certain 基本解释

形容词某一; 必然的; 已确定的



certain 相关词组


1. be certain of : 确信, 对...有把握;

2. for certain : 肯定地;

certain 相关例句


1. He is certain to come.


2. The evidence is certain and the facts are clear.


3. I was certain that he had seen me.


4. A certain person called on you yesterday.



5. It is certain that two and two kes four.


certain 情景对话


A:Youve traveled abroad a lot, Jim, so would you like to tell me something about clearing cus*s.



B:When you arrive in a country, you clear cus*s. A lot of countries have two channels: the green channel and the red channel. Some countries, like India, have three channels: the white channel, the green channel and the red channel.


A:Then what are the differences between the green channel and red channel?


B:If you have more than the duty-free allowances or prohibited goods, you go through the red channel and declare them to a cus*s officer. If you otherwise have nothing to declare, you go straight through the green channel unless you are asked to stop by an officer. 如果你携带的东西超出免税的范围或属于禁带物品,你


A:I see.Im told that well have to state the purpose of going to a certain country, is it true?


B:Thats right. People go aboard for different purposes: some for pleasure, some on vacation, some on business, and some for other purposes.


A:Im going to New Zealand for sightseeing. What should I say if they ask about my purpose?


B:Just saying sightseeing is OK.


certain 网络解释

1. certain的反义词

1. 肯定:股票市场最难搵到投资对象日子,就系大家对前景好肯定(certain)之时;反之,机会处处往往系股市进入不稳定期(uncertain times). 今年1月人人话内地A股出现泡沫,就系另一投资内地股票时机,反而依家人人改变睇法,认同唔系泡沫,便要小心D.

2. 确定:中国*前*史美伦就曾经指出,上市公司质量问题、高管人员圈钱、大股东占用公司资金等等行为是很严重的问题,*现在很重视这个问题. 对于这些行为的执法也非常重要,因为监管的含义就是制定法律和执行法律,为市场提供比较清楚(clear)确定(certain)的法律,而不能朝令夕改.

certain 双语例句

1. So in certain degree, it will have some valuation to the operating of our country's VC firm.


2. In solvent and under the action of certain catalyst, anilino methyl siloxane is reacted to obtain solid cage anilino methyl sesquisiloxane octer acid salt; and through filtering, washing, precipitation and reaction with ine desalting agent, cage anilino methyl sesquisiloxane octer is finally prepared.


3. certain

3. Still because of MYR results, we are certain that plant populations and yields, can be increased.



4. In a certain range, the grain protein content was enhanced with the increase of planting density for both cultivars.


5. A type of ink products, mixing produce grey CMY value is constant, that is, a certain proportion of the ink of gray balance is constant values, so we measured the ink gray balance, you can according to that balance to correction ige so business card printing and membership card crafted ige in adjusted accurately reproduce color appearance of remedying the shortcomings of this kind of ink.



6. It indicated that the three components possessed certain antiviral action, depending on their concentration.


7. Oxyfluoride injection or a certain degree of side effects, if the children should be closely monitored since.


8. For your venture to be a legal business entity, you need to work on certain forlities.


9. Diffusion effect grows along certain space the axis takes outward ministry to give delay.


10. By studying on self-similarity and Fano factor curve of time series of spontaneous discharge of auditory nerve in guinea pig, we conclude that time series of spontaneous discharge of auditory nerve differ from random noise, and have the certain temporal structure that exits in re-ordered guassian time series.



11. But there are certain things that th e cloud just can`t handle: nely, processor-intensive work.


12. Make certain that Irislacteavar. chinensis have strong salt tolerance and its mechanism is salt exclution.


13. certain的反义词

13. The design and research of the * has certain reference value to shell-and-tube heat exchanger especially U-tube heat exchanger engineering design.


14. Yet he can still give me a certain look across a restaurant table and I want to ask for the check and head home.


15. Led on by a certain curiosity and arrogance, they wish to k* My secrets and to understand the high things of God, to the neglect of themselves and their own salvation.



16. One of the striking things in the %26quot; Atlantic Charter deals with raw terials, and I think that what applies to raw terials will apply largely to certain priry foods like wheat.


17. certain

17. In the electrognetic field that countercurrent inductor produces, the metal droplet that melts gets the role suspension of electrognetism force in quartz pipe center and had been heated up continuously. When metal droplet of melting have been heated up certain temperature su*ce beginning gasification, metal vapor tension will raise follow temperature go up, is heated continuously can have plenty of metal a*s overflow metal ball liquid su*ce, at the se time, as the inert gas of cooling medium, all along with certain current velocity, sideswipe the metal droplet su*ce that melts. Metal a*s fly out liquid su*ce according to certain way form the a* cluster by the condensing of inert air current, merger and the collision between crystal nucleus pellet and a* cluster form the smoke fle of nanoparticle pellet eventually.


18. To this end, we need ysis system to a cash-based accounting units of the limitations on institutions * accounting the accrual-based system of the necessity and possibility, with certain academic and social values, which is the purpose of writing this *.


19. certain的近义词

19. If the resident representative office of a foreign enterprise takes one of the following actions, the city`s competent department for foreign economy and trade shall impose disciplinary warning, instruct it to correct in a certain time; where it refuse to correct, the city`s competent department for foreign economy and trade shall revoke the approval, and the city`s administration for industry and commerce shall revoke the business license


20. In certain countries, the online au*obile rket is speeding up incredibly, promising to ke itself one of the hottest e-commerce sectors in nearest future.


certain 词典解释


1. 肯定的;有把握的;毫无疑问的

If you are certain about something, you firmly believe it is true and have no doubt about it. If you are not certain about something, you do not have definite k*ledge about it.

e.g. She's absolutely certain she's going to ke it in the world...


e.g. We are not certain whether the appendix had already burst or not...


2. 必然的;必定的;肯定的

If you say that something is certain to happen, you mean that it will definitely happen.

e.g. However, the scheme is certain to meet opposition from fishermen's leaders...


e.g. It's not certain they'll accept the Front's candidate if he wins...


3. 确凿的;无疑的

If you say that something is certain, you firmly believe that it is true, or have definite k*ledge about it.

e.g. One thing is certain, both have the utmost respect for each other...


e.g. It is certain that Rodney arrived the previous day.


4. 确实的;肯定的

If you have certain k*ledge, you k* that a particular thing is true.

e.g. He had been there four times to my certain k*ledge.


5. 确切地;无疑地

If you k* something for certain, you have no doubt at all about it.

e.g. She couldn't k* what time he'd go, or even for certain that he'd go at all...


e.g. Hill had to find out for certain.


6. 确保;保证

If you ke certain that something is the way you want or eect it to be, you take action to ensure that it is.

e.g. Firstly, they must ke certain that their pension needs are adequately catered for...


e.g. To ke extra certain, a police helicopter kept watch from the skies.



1. 某个;特定的

You use certain to indicate that you are referring to one particular thing, person, or group, although you are not saying exactly which it is.


e.g. There will be certain people who'll say 'I told you so!'...


e.g. You owe a certain person a sum of money...


2. 某些;一些

When you refer to certain of a group of people or things, you are referring to some particular members of that group.


e.g. They'll have to give up completely on certain of their stu*s.


3. (用于人名前,表示不认识或了解很少)某个

You can use a certain before the ne of a person in order to indicate that you do not k* the person or anything else about them.

e.g. She naged to arrange for them to be hien in the house of a certain Father Boduen.


4. (品质、特点等)一定程度上的,有点儿

You use a certain to indicate that something such as a quality or condition exists, and often to suggest that it is not great in ount or degree.

e.g. That was the very reason why he felt a certain bitterness...


e.g. There is a certain impatience ong some of the sol*rs...


certain 单语例句

1. They are retained in the SAR political establishment because the business interests want certain form of safeguards against possible encroachment.

2. Make certain that executives understand the business opportunity as thoroughly as they understand the solution, and have the courage to pursue the opportunity when appropriate.

3. We are part of a global neighborhood and like any good neighbor we have certain obligations to act as a good neighbor.

4. The statement and the rerks are warning to certain countries not to use ASEAN to act against China.

5. In certain other countries, governments usually do not levy a business tax.

6. More than half of Chinese mobile phone buyers purchased or gathered infortion about certain handsets over the Internet.

7. It also requires tourists from China to have certain ount of buying power, according to Japanese media reports.

8. Certain Japanese media outlets even resorted to the despicable act of king up stories to create the impression that other countries supported Japan's position.

9. Positions swapped regularly as the fleet toughed out typical North Sea conditions, and it was by no means certain that Ericsson 4's lead was a given thing.

10. Despite the new momentum, action in November is by no means certain.






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