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battle[英 [ˈbætl] 美 [ˈbætl] ]


过去式:battled;   过去分词:battled;   现在分词:battling;   复数形式:battles;

battle 基本解释

及物/不及物动词争斗; 与…作战

名词战争,战役; 比赛,较量; 长期论战或长期作战; 激烈的竞争

battle 相关词组


1. gain the battle : 战胜, 打胜仗;

2. half the battle : 成功一半;

battle 相关例句


1. They battled away for a long time.


2. battle

2. They battled against heavy os.


3. The firemen battled to control the fles.



1. His younger brother *d in battle during World War II.



2. They *d in battle.


battle 情景对话


A:Can you help me do an internet search?


B:Sure. What do you want to find?


A:I want to find infomp3ation on the American Civil War.



B:Well, can you be more specific? There are a lot of websites about that.


A:Yes, I want to k* about the battle of Gettyurg.


B:O.K. Well, go to google.com, and type in “Battle of Gettyurg.”

好的,好,上google网站,输入“Battle of Gettyurg”。

A:Oh wow, there are a lot of sites.



B:Here, try this one. It’s a good site about Gettyurg.





B:For detailed infomp3ation, however, you should read a history book.


A:Thanks. If I’m interested, I’ll go to the library.


battle 网络解释

1. battle

1. 作战:而作战序列(battle of order)通常指在同一战役(cpaign)时期内所发生过的各种大规模作战(battle)所需兵力而纳入作战编制的各种单位.

battle 双语例句

1. We are seeing that in living there is utter disorder, the battle


2. Yes. In aition to battling the hordes of the Burning Hells cooperatively with friends over Battle. net, players will be able to adventure through the world of Diablo III solo.

答:有。除了和朋友在 Battle.net 上斩怪除魔外,玩家也可以单独进入《暗黑破坏神 3》的世界。

3. One of them had bandages wrapped around his head, indicating he had likely been in a recent battle and come out worse for wear.


4. battle在线翻译

4. We still fought s* battle, I took some s*, putting into a clothes hat of little girl, melting afterwards, her hat is whole wet!


5. Russia has an innate nature of ox and dare to battle any one, especially tiger US.


6. There will be some types of siege engines, like in the battle for Praag, there are cannons that can be used, that counts as siege.


7. Possibly I let others be restless dissolutely, only then met the result to * in battle.


8. Therefore, alone accounted for Lubbe extravagance of the sites, the twinkling of an eye to the first battle, that is, Cao Yuan Guandu war, this war He played very hard, very difficult.


9. A development construction army that supports dimensions huge is here lay out the battle array of engineering construction.


10. This is just like digging a well when one is thirsty, or casting a weapon when battle has already begun.


11. You will not, you son of a bitch, ke subjects of Christian sons; we've no fear of your army, by land and by sea we will battle with thee, your mother.


12. But a discussion today about a battle that took place in the Bronze Age probably wouldn't.


13. battle

13. Feel the action as you serve, spike and battle it out in the variety of modes.


14. The nagement of battle infortion is very important in the comnd and communication system of the modern war.


15. battle的反义词

15. From the deadly ze of the Thieves Guild at Antius to an Elven Village, secret grotto and abandoned castles, Ridley and his band must outwit Profion's chief henchn Dodar at every turn while back in Izmer, Profion prepares to do battle with the Empress.

从 Antius的盗贼协会到小精灵村,从隐秘洞*到废弃的,瑞迪和他的伙伴们必须在每个回合智取皮维安*羽首领戴孟德,而在里斯美尔帝国,皮维安准备和女皇进行战争。

16. From this time, ChiDiZi and BaiDiZi had been all come into the world of mortals and were preparing a dynastic changes battle for their different destinies.


17. Your enemy has more than 50% in his meter, the battle song will play.

你的敌人有50 %以上,在他的米,战歌将发挥。


18. Is only part of the ge, the general chaos of the battle is another jor player. Very interesting.


19. The battle of the Somme, as it is called, lasted for six months.


20. The Battle of the Somme, 1 it is called, lasted for six months.


battle 词典解释

1. 战役;战斗

A battle is a violent fight between groups of people, especially one between military forces during a war.

e.g. ...the victory of King Willi III at the Battle of the Boyne.


e.g. ...after a gun battle between police and drug traffickers.


2. (为争取成功或控制权的)斗争,冲突

A battle is a conflict in which different people or groups compete in order to achieve success or control.

e.g. ...a renewed political battle over Britain's attitude to Europe.


e.g. ...the eternal battle between good and evil in the world.


3. (在艰难环境中的)奋争,斗争

You can use battle to refer to someone's efforts to achieve something in spite of very difficult circumstances.

e.g. ...the battle against crime...


e.g. She has fought a constant battle with her weight...


4. 与…抗争;与…搏斗;同…作战

To battle with an opposing group means to take part in a fight or contest against them. In American English, you can also say that one group or person is battling another.

e.g. Thousands of people battled with police and several were reportedly wounded...


e.g. The sides must battle again for a quarter-final place on December 16...


5. 奋战;(与…)搏斗(在英国英语中用battle against something或with something,在美国英语中用battle something)

To battle means to try hard to do something in spite of very difficult circumstances. In British English, you battle against something or with something. In American English, you battle something.

e.g. Doctors battled throughout the night to save her life.


e.g. ...a lone yachtsn returning from his months of battling with the elements...



If anyone can do it, he can. He's a battler and has a strong character.


6. see also: pitched battle;running battle

7. 作战;交战;竞争

If one person or group does battle with another, they take part in a battle or contest against them. You can also say that two people or groups do battle .

e.g. ...the notorious Montonero guerrilla group who did battle with the army during the dirty war...


e.g. This March, a British and an American company will do battle in the High Court over the right to press compact discs.


8. 成功的一半;成功的重要条件

If you say that something is half the battle, you mean that it is the most important step towards achieving something.

e.g. Choosing the right type of paint for the job is half the battle.


9. 战线已划定;对垒之势已成

If you say that the battle lines are drawn between opposing groups or people, you mean that they are ready to start fighting or arguing, and that it has become clear what the in points of conflict or disagreement will be.

e.g. The battle lines were drawn after the government refused to budge from its final offer.


10. 作无望成功的尝试

If you are fighting a losing battle, you are trying to achieve something but are not going to be successful.

e.g. The crew fought a losing battle to try to restart the engines.


e.g. ...on a day when the sun is fighting a losing battle against the lowering clouds.


11. 一决胜负;一决高低

If one group or person battles it out with another, they take part in a fight or contest against each other until one of them wins or a definite result is reached. You can also say that two groups or two people battle it out .


e.g. In the Cup Final, Leeds battled it out with the old enemy, Manchester United...


e.g. Barbados could have three new political parties battling it out in the next General Election.


12. 虽败犹胜/ 虽胜犹败

If you say that someone has lost the battle ,but won the war, you mean that although they have been defeated in a sll conflict they have won a larger, more important one of which it was a part. If you say that someone has won the battle but lost the war, you mean that they have won the sll conflict but lost the larger one.


e.g. The strikers y have won the battle, but they lost the war.


13. 考验意志的持久战

A battle of wills is a situation that involves people who try to defeat each other by refusing to change their own aims or dends and hoping that their opponents will weaken first.

e.g. The President offered compromises to parlient to defuse the battle of wills over who should wield power.


14. 智慧的较量;斗智

If you refer to a situation as a battle of wits, you mean that it involves people with opposing aims who compete with each other using their intelligence, rather than force.

e.g. With chess you're involved in a battle of wits from start to finish.


battle 单语例句battle是什么意思

1. Aso's Liberal Democratic * faces a tough battle in a general election due by October, with the in opposition Democratic * * leading in voter polls.

2. " This is a real battle, " he said by telephone from Paris.

3. The video captured the battle between a herd of water buffaloes, a pride of lions and a crocodile over a young calf.

4. Since then a usually private battle had become very public, with Goody inviting ceras to film both her daily treatment and her weing last month.

5. His candidacy bece the talk of the nation on Thursday with ny commentators saying he had revolutionized the battle overnight.

6. Air crews waged a fierce battle against the southeast corner of the fire, burning dangerously close to canyon homes.

7. A carrier battle group comprises an aircraft carrier and its escort vessels.

8. The USS Kitty Hawk carrier and battle group arrived in Busan to take part in joint military exercises with the South Korean armed forces.

9. In line with the requirement of actual battle, the division has eanded the support functions of the service centers.

10. The club angrily denied the charge and a bitter legal battle ensued to try to keep Catania from folding.





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